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The ZODIAC Collection nail wraps all come in custom collectable Zodiac packaging that includes a personal horoscope from the stars, a set of meaning driven nail wraps, and a lovely matching sign midi ring! 


The first sign in the zodiac calendar to shift focus onto others instead of themselves, Librans, possess a social desire unlike any other sign.  “Works well with others” should be at the top of every Libra’s resume.  Your devotion to the cause for peace and harmony influences everyday encounters with others. Balance, of course, is ultimately the bottom line.  Diplomatic, attractive and well-versed, when it comes to socializing and communal  activities Libras tip the scale in a favorable way.  Be cautious of letting apathy and laziness weigh you down, stay light as a feather, Libra.

These seemingly disparate realms (fashion/beauty and astrology/magick) come together in The ZODIAC Collection. Katie E. Lehman's, the artist behind The ZODIAC Collection, fine art background has lent itself to the design process. "I wanted to inject meaning into every element of the wraps.  Symbols, colors and patterns were all chosen for reasons specific to the coinciding sign". Through her thoughtful creative process The ZODIAC Collection represents one of the first of its kind—a nail wrap that is not only aesthetically pleasing but capable of revealing insight into the wearer. "I really hope that people enjoy wearing and gifting the wraps I created.  I think conceptual significance just makes them all the more appealing."

 Get a full manicure with our nail wraps in less than 10 minutes and no drying time! Make your nail wraps last a week or more with a thin layer of top coat. Each set includes 16 individual nail wraps.

each kit includes: 
  • Two sets of 8 varying sized wraps (16 wraps in total)
  • A custom zodiac symbol ring
  • Custom zodiac packaging w/ horoscope
  • A little black nail file 
  •  An orange stick

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