They're for anyone, anywhere.

Artist-designed nail wraps aren't just for special occasions.


Monthly Mani Kit

Limited edition nail wraps designed by @NinaNailedIt

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  • I wanted to say thank you. I have an incoming sixth grader and we love spending time together using your nail wraps. It’s really funny because we don’t do a ton of beauty-type things nor are we particularly fashion forward. But, your nail wraps are just so cool and creative. I want to thank you, however, for the catalyst. Simple, special time we’ve spent together pouring out our wants, wishes, and dreams, while applying them.
  • I have my first set on and I am LOVING them. I do my nails often and my polish always chips. I’m rough on my hands. Ive had them on for almost a week, I just filed the ends and did another top coat and they still look great!
  • My nail wraps lasted through an entire mural installation unscathed and an extra week. They’re still on my fake nails, I just removed them for now so I can reuse them later.
  • These worked really great! I followed the step by step instructions and they didn’t budge for over a week. They lasted me from Saturday to Saturday of the next week. I finally took them off to put on a new design.
  • I’ve tried different brands of nail wraps and these are THE BEST!! I completely love them. My only wish would be for you guys to have more designs available!
  • I can 100% say these are the best wraps out and believe me, I’ve tried ALL of them
  • Thank you for creating such beautiful wraps that are so easy to use!!! Sure beats an expensive trip to the salon, especially during a pandemic.