Check out our FAQ and our infographic below but if you're looking for more detailed instructions, keep scrolling to the end!

More tips for application!! 

Step 1 for application on top of nail polish:
If you want a color base coat (for transparent wraps), make sure the base is completely, 100% dry.

Step 1 for application on a bare nail:
Clean nail beds thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and make sure the nails are completely shaped, dust-free, and dry before applying nail wraps.

Step 2. Place the wrap on the nail. I like to start with the rounded edge at the cuticle, leaving a small space of bare nail between the cuticle and the wrap. Try not to touch the sticky side of the wrap as natural oils may transfer and reduce the sticking power. *** Make sure the edge of the nail wrap is NOT touching the cuticle or the skin around the side of the nail.

Step 3. Smooth out the wrap as you lay it down, making sure there are no air bubbles and the edges lay flat. If either of these occur, gently peel the wrap up to avoid ripping. If ripping does occur, start again with a new wrap!

Step 4. Fold the excess of the wrap over the free edge of the nail. File off the excess lightly using slight pressure so the free edge of the nail is visible and there is nothing hanging off.

Step 5. Cover the whole nail with a clear gel top coat or a non quick drying top coat. Quick drying top coats can cause wrinkling or the edges of the wrap to lift. ***Make sure to cover all of the edges of the wrap, covering the space that you left between the wrap and the cuticle and the edges of the nail.

Step 6. ALWAYS make sure to cap the tips!! Paint the free edge of the nail with a layer of top coat to prevent the wrap from lifting or separating from the nail. I always paint two layers of top coat just to make sure the wrap is sealed on the nail!