Nina Park 
CEO + Artist

Nina began painting her nails and sharing them on Instagram as a way to unwind while teaching full time and in grad school. She had always loved creating but until then, never found a medium that stuck. As her passion for nail art developed during this time, so did her online following of people eager to engage with her work.
What started as a passion soon grew and evolved into a world of new opportunities! Nina's nail art brought her to work with New York Fashion Week, Buzzfeed, Nike, Dunkin' Donuts, The Food Network, Puma, CVS, Dyson, and The Dana Farber Cancer Institute. She's been  featured in Harper's Bazaar, NPR, Refinery29, The Coveteur, WhoWhatWear, Allure Magazine, Nail It!, Nail Pro, and Nails Magazine – all while teaching 10th and 11th grade English in Boston. 
These days, Nina is solely focused on SCRATCH. She began her journey as CEO and started designing, curating, and manufacturing her own nail wraps to share through a subscription service. Learning how to take the helm of a company while teaching full time and playing roller derby was challenging and exciting. Nina spent day and night learning how to design nail wraps on a computer, ship packages all over the world, create relationships with other small business owners, and learn the ins and outs of customer service as well as the logistics of running a company.
Since then, Nina has designed over 70 nail wraps to be distributed to thousands of subscribers and nationwide retailers all over the country. Now, she is ready to collaborate with fellow artists from all backgrounds to reimagine and explore new SCRATCH colors and concepts. SCRATCH embraces the idea that nail art is a confidence-boosting, public display of individuality. Nina believes that artist-designed nail wraps aren't just for special occasions. They're for anyone, anywhere.