Q. What are the wraps made out of?
A. Our wraps are screen-printed on a thin adhesive with 5-free polish inks. They go on smoothly and last like real nail polish. Unlike other nail wraps, ours look like real nail polish when applied. Win!

Q. How many wraps are in each sheet of nails?
A. One sheet includes 8 wraps. There are two sheets per set, 16 wraps total!

Q. How long will a manicure last?
A. With correct application, you can expect 5-7 days and even longer when encapsulated in gel or clear acrylic! I've gotten 12 days before taking them off with a hard gel top coat!

Q. What kind of top coat should I use to cap the edges and seal my wraps?
A. We always recommend using a glossy, clear top coat that is not quick-dry. Quick-dry top coats may cause the wraps to lift around the edges or cause wrinkling. If you want a matte finish, make sure to seal the wraps and your edges with a (non quick dry) glossy top coat, wait for it to dry, and then top with a matte top coat!

Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. Absolutely! 

Details about your new Monthly Mani Kit subscription!

Q. Is the Monthly Mani Kit a subscription?
A. Yes! If you add the Nina Nailed It Monthly Mani Kit to your cart and you check out, you will be signed up for the subscription service and you will be billed on the 28th of each month.

Q. Can I get the nail wraps or the add-ins from the Monthly Mani Kit without signing up for the subscription?
A. Neither the wraps nor the add-ins are available for purchase separately. The wraps are all limited edition and exclusive to the Monthly Mani Kit at this time. 

Q. What will I get in my subscription?
A. Each month, you will receive one set of nail wraps (8 wraps per sheet, 16 wraps total), a mini nail file, an orange stick, and hand-picked nail art extras (charms, tools, stickers, studs, or foils). There is no need to sign up for multiple subscriptions, unless you want to get multiple wraps each month.

Q. I want next month’s kit! When do I have to order by?
A. Please subscribe by the 28th of each month to activate your subscription and to get the next month's kit!

Q. I really want a previous month’s kit. Can I still get it?
A. We happily add previous kits if they are still available to new and existing subscriber accounts! After you subscribe, email us (hello@goscratchit.com) with your subscription email and let us know which kit you were hoping to get. If we still have the kit, we will gladly add it to your subscription!

Q. When will I get my MMK?
A. We will ship MMKs the first Saturday of every month from Boston, Massachusetts USA. You will receive your MMK based on normal USPS and international shipping times. 

Tell me more about the wraps! I’m so excited!!

Q. Which side goes near the cuticle?
A. Place the rounded edge of the wrap close to the cuticle. The straight edge (where you peel from and separate the wraps from the sheet) will be the section you file off. But you can always cut a round edge wherever you want the design to start! It’s entirely up to you! 

Q. Can I use one wrap for multiple nails?
A. Absolutely! Just make sure not to touch the sticky surface with your fingers too much (this will lessen the adhesion) and feel free to cut pieces of the nail wraps to use on multiple nails or in different ways!

Q. What if none of the wraps fit my nail?
A. Take a nail wrap that is larger than necessary and use small scissors to cut around the cuticle area to fit your nail.

Q. Can I go swimming or work with my hands while wearing the wraps?
A. Absolutely! As long as the wraps have been sealed with a top coat, gel coat, or transparent acrylic, and the edges are capped, you may absolutely do so. But we recommend using a fresh mani as an excuse to get out of doing any chores you don't want to do :)


Q. Do I need heat to apply my nail wraps?
A. The application requires no heat at all. Just clean hands and a clean nail surface. 

Q. How do I prevent air bubbles or buckling around the edges?
A. Try not to touch the adhesive side of the nail wrap. Carefully place the nail wrap so the first point of contact is either at the cuticle or the center of the nail. Then lay the wrap down gently, pressing down as you go to avoid air bubbles. If you end up with air bubbles on the nail, push them out with the soft pad of your finger, in an outward motion towards an edge. If you have edges that are not laying flat, use the orange stick that is included in the packaging to smooth them out. You can always pick the wrap up gently, but each time you do this, the wrap will become less tacky.

Q. Why won’t my wraps stick to my nails?
A. Be sure to clean your nails thoroughly prior to application with rubbing alcohol. It may sound weird but your natural oils will prevent the wraps from sticking. I always use rubbing alcohol and an additional drying agent like BondAid, and/or protein bond.

- Wash your hands
- Clean the surface of your nail with rubbing alcohol
- Use a drying agent (I recommend Bond Aid)
- If you paint your nails before applying the wraps, make sure the polish is 100% dry before applying the wraps!

Q. My wraps are lifting at the edges?
A. This can happen if:
- Your nails have not been cleaned enough before application
- You work with your hands often
- The top coat dries too fast
- or if the wraps have not been capped around the edges with top coat or a gel top coat
To fix this:
- Use a non-quick drying top coat
- Clean the nail again, put pressure on the wrap, and top with another top coat or find another wrap that fits your nail and reapply.

Q. None of the wraps do fit my nail!
A. Pick a larger wrap and fit the wrap onto your nail and then trim as necessary before removing the plastic backing. Start by laying the nail wrap down at the base, working across the nail then up. Or, once the wrap has been fitted, place the wrap on the nail, working out from the center. 

Q. Can I use any nail file to buff the edges?
A. We recommend that you use a fine file that is 240 grit or above.

Q. Should I file up or down?
A. Hold the file at a 45-degree angle away from the top edge of the nail and file in a downward direction to remove excess. File in one direction from one side of the nail to the other. Do not file from both sides of the nail to the middle or use a sawing action. This will affect the adhesion to the nail. I also recommend wrapping the tip of your nail and file under the nail, rather than at the edge.  

Q. Can I trim down the wrap to my finger? What should I use?
A. Yes, use a small pair of cuticle scissors.


Q. How do I remove my wraps?
A. Remove the wraps just like regular polish! Put nail polish remover onto a cotton pad and press gently on the nail moving in a swiping motion with a little pressure. For best results, condition nails and apply cuticle oil or crème after removal.

Q. How do I remove the nail on GEL or acrylic nails?
A. Remove the top gel and acrylic according to product directions.

SCRATCH Wraps and Gel or Artificial Nails: Everything you need to know:
Q. Can I use Scratch nail wraps with artificial nails (gel or acrylic)?
A. Yes! You can use at home gel kits or take your wraps to the salon and encapsulate the wrap in either gel or acrylic for extra-long wear! 

Q. How do I apply on gel or acrylic - is it any different?
A. Gels:
Start with a very clean surface. I recommend washing your hands, cleaning your nails with alcohol, then using Bond-Aid and/or Protein Bond before you lay down and cure your base coat. Next, paint your color (optional) and cure according to the gel polish instructions, wipe off the tacky layer with alcohol, then apply the nail wraps. File and fit the nail wraps accordingly, apply a gel top coat, make sure to cap the edges and cure!
You can also apply the wraps directly on to a very clean and dry nail and apply a gel top coat on top! Make sure to cap the free edge with the gel polish to prevent lifting.

A. Acrylic:
Start with a very clean surface. I recommend washing your hands, cleaning your nails with alcohol, then use Bond-Aid and/or Protein Bond before you lay down your first layer of acrylic file and shape as desired. Once your artificial nail is set, file and buff the top layer so that it is thin and smooth. Next, paint your color (optional) in either regular or gel polish, then apply the nail wraps. File and fit the nail wraps accordingly. You can also apply a top coat of gel polish or clear acrylic to encapsulate the wraps- just make sure to cap the edges!

Q. How do I remove the nail wraps from gel or acrylic nails?
A. Remove the top gel and acrylic according to product directions, then remove the wrap with nail polish remover if necessary!

Q. I’ve read through this entire FAQ and you haven’t answered my question! What should I do?
A. Email us: hello@goscratchit.com! We will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible!