Ladyfingers Letterpress

Morgan and Arley-Rose met in Providence, RI, where they fell in love, got married (designed some viral wedding invitations), and started a design and letterpress business together. We wanted you to know a little more about the artists you’re wearing on your nails, so we gathered some intel for you.
Favorite album:
A: Homogenic by Bjork
M: Middle Cyclone by Neko Case
Some favorite artists:
A + M: Our buddies inspire us big time… Xander Marro, Pippi Zornoza, Jungil Hong, Brian Chippendale, Andrew Moon Bain, Natalja Kent, Ben Leadbetter, Ian Cozzens, Meg Turner, Agata Michelowska, Alyn Carlson, Moira Brady, Maia Ibar, Baptiste Ibar, Alyssa Berg, Julia Thompson, Liz Wood, Gary Robbins.
They’ve been to the most important places in the US:
Well, now that we’ve hit mostly every place on the list of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, hmm, I dunno, what else is there left to see?
Ladyfingers Letterpress recently relocated from Providence to Colorado. They told us a little about what they love and what they miss:
A: Both Morgan and I miss [Providence] a lot. We met there, had insanely amazing life experiences there and established some of our most meaningful relationships in the 10 years that we spent there. It’s a great small city whose creative community certainly sets the tempo with the beat of its heart. It’s filled with people who are super supportive of each other’s work, always psyched to experiment, and just committed to being good people who make beautiful things happen. But so far Colorado has been awesome - and we’ve found a terrific network of people who are also psyched about making things and building community, so we are really psyched about this new chapter. Plus, we’re closer to family, which is the reason we moved out here in the first place, and that has been really great!
They designed their own wedding invitations, and the people went crazy! This gave them enough attention to start Ladyfingers Letterpress:
A: You really gotta see the neon letterpress in person to experience the full effect :) Oh So Beautiful Paper has a nice writeup about it!