DOs and DON'Ts

DO mix things up. Holding your hands in two different positions while talking
indicates you’re a complex woman with deep thoughts. Everything you say will be appreciated.
DO place hands palm down in your lap to calm your nerves.
Nails will still be visible for ooohs and ahhhs.
DO groom your nails and show off your wraps. 8 in 10 women have found that a good nail game provides them a confidence boost.
DO wear colors and muted nudes. Bright colors tell people you’re confident in your looks
and don’t hate drawing attention to yourself. Neutral and white tones indicate a strong inner confidence.
DO talk with your hands. Studies have shown that gesturing with your hands not only shows off your nail wraps,
but also inspires you, improves your vocabulary, and reduces “likes” and “ummms” that don’t help you get to the point.
DO hold your hands in a steeple shape. Fingertips together, palms separated.
DO wear patterned nail wraps. Wearing patterns shows the world that you can rock any look.
DON'T fidget. Drumming your fingertips on your desk might draw attention to your awesome nail wraps, but it’ll also let the whole room know that you’re nervous. So will playing with your hair and fiddling with your rings (hey—we all do it).
DON'T go out with chipped, bit-down nails. This can create a negative impression.
Featured wrap: Tartanium